Pavel was born.
Everything started here.


Vera was born.
As a little baby (on the right), she did not like photographers at all. To overcome it, she married one later 🙂


Pavel got mad to photography.
His first camera was analogue Zenit-E. He fell in love with portrait and reportage photography the most.


Pavel started professionally with wedding photography.
He is really passionate about what he does.


We finally met each other.
And it has been the greatest happiness in our lives.


We got married.
The most powerful experiences we will not forget.


Vera fell in love with the photography.
She started shooting landscapes and also shot her first wedding.


We moved to Australia.
We arrived at the beginning of February when in our country was about -5°C and here around 32°C. Very pleasant change 🙂


Pavel shot his first wedding in Australia.


Vera started with portrait photography.


The foundation of White Parrot.
We joined to be always together 🙂

Who we are and what we love?

Vera is the organised one, with a strong focus on details and design (someone would say a perfectionist). She seems to be professional and a bit reserved at the first sight but when you get to know her a bit better she becomes a great friend and people enjoying her company as she can make them feel relaxed 🙂 She is trying to stop drinking too much coffee and eating sweets with no luck so far. She has a big passion for travelling and would like to visit Japan, Iceland and Canada. Her favourite place is Glass House Mountains where she can dream big. One day she will open a cat cafe.

Pavel is outgoing, a bit crazy person loves fun and gets people excited about what he is doing. He is not so worried when something doesn’t go according to plan. He is able to easily adjust to every situation. He loves spending time outside. Especially, national parks or beaches help him to recharge his energy. His favourite place is Cotton Tree Beach in Maroochydore. He likes aikido, chillout music, Italian cuisine and gangster movies.